Ours is a Direct Marketing (Lead generation) specialist company started in 2004 in England. We grew at a scorching pace and now operate in 6 cities with over 300+ sales representatives across U.K., France and UAE. We specialize in providing sales and delivering highest customer service to our clients. We intend to stay at the forefront of this industry, there by continuing to deliver amazing results for the clients we represent and fantastic growth opportunities for our people.

SRJ Solution Dubai is a leading du channel partner. We offer telecommunication services that include Internet (Leased Landlines, broadband & Wifi) , SIM cards which are provided to small and medium enterprises in the UAE. Since our inception we have been rapidly growing and acquiring customers across industries and market segments. Our customers range from Banking, Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Government, Construction, Logistics, Trade Houses, Hospitals & Clinics. We constantly challenge ourselves to bring value to each one of our customers.

Our relentless customer commitment is based on our principal philosophy that “the customer always comes first”. Every member of the organization is focused on ensuring our customers have an outstanding experience and we are fully committed in remaining flexible and responsive to our customer needs

We are passionate about our business, about our people, about our results and passionate about the clients we represent. Our organisation is upbeat, progressive and enthusiastic. Our visionary leaders certainly know how to have fun, motivate & inspire.

In last 17 years we have represented number of clients including Financial services, Insurances, Telecommunication, Insulation, Solar Panel, recipe food boxes, & Charities. We have done customer acquisition for clients via 3 major channels: B2C marketing, events marketing, B2B marketing